The Next Leg: Conquering Mountains

Lake Annette Bridge

I completed a 13 km hike on the weekend. Thirteen kilometers. Eight miles. Fourteen thousand yards. Five hundred thousand….you get the picture. I must admit I teared up a little when I came around that last corner and feasted my eyes upon Lake Annette in Banff National Park. Almost exactly six months ago, I took my first few steps out my front door into my new life. Plagued by back pain and a good dose of shame, taking those few first steps were almost more challenging than climbing that mountain was. Almost.

When I look back over the last six months, I’m taken aback at how different my life looks here: 75 lbs lighter, much fitter, a far better cook and way happier. And I’m not even half way up this mountain yet. I can only dream what the future might bring. Well, dream and plan – because it’s up to me.

Lake Annette Rock

In my last post, I confessed a “blip” in my progress and set my intention to create a “next leg” of the journey. My hike to Lake Annette was not a random choice. It was the first hike of many that will ultimately lead to me backpacking the 47 km Juan de Fuca Marine Trail next summer. There it is. My goal, my aim, my intention. I have engaged a personal trainer to get me going building strength and endurance. I have joined a local hikers group that goes all winter to keep me climbing mountains, training, persevering and triumphing. I’ll have to climb metaphorical mountains too. Keeping my spirits up during my first winter without antidepressants in nearly 20 years. Resisting the call of the couch on a cold winter night. Staying engaged with friends, family and co-conspirators in my nourishing life.

Lake Annette Selfie

Today, I feel hopeful, energized, renewed. I have a spirit that can set a course for anywhere and a body that can take me there. Much like Lake Annette, it’s a pretty beautiful place to be.

Love and light ❤

Weight: 255  (down 29 lbs)
Total Weight loss: 75 lbs
Bust: 50 (down 2.25, 6″ total)
Waist: 44″ (down 3, down  9″ total)
Hips: 52″ (down 2, 8″ total)
Neck: 16.75 (down 0.75, down 2.5″ total)
Total inches lost (25.5″)

Mug Shots

Progress Sept. 17

4 thoughts on “The Next Leg: Conquering Mountains

  1. How wonderful for you. And most of all I see the difference in your smile. The sky is the limit for you now, with all the changes and future plans you have made for yourself. A certainly better and better future is in store for you now. Can’t wait to see you October 25.

    Love Mom


  2. Hi Camie,
    I work with Deirdre Cooksley and she told me about your blog. You are an inspiration! I had gastric sleeve surgery done in August and I’m down about 50lbs, but for the most part, it’s a journey that most of my friends and family cannot relate to. Reading about someone who does the work (!) and reaps the payoff is so encouraging. Thank you for your blog!


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