Achieving Balance – Two Month Check-In

I have a bad case of boredom. For the first month, I was losing a pound a day and it was fun and exciting. For the last two weeks I have bounced between 295 and 297 daily – up and down and up and down. Boring. And frustrating. Coupled with the fact I haven’t gone out for dinner in two months, and I maintain a pretty tight routine of swimming Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, meal planning on Saturdays and grocery shopping on Sundays, I feel myself starting to resent all of the structure.

Fact: Not everything can be exciting all the time.

If I lost a pound a day for the whole process, my doctor would worry. Exciting can also be stressful, which releases hormones that contribute to belly fat – which makes hormones that make you hungry. Look it up. It’s true.

Fact: Routine makes things easier.

When I first started swimming, I tried to shower and get ready at the pool with 20 other women and none of my “amenities.” Now I wear my suit to the pool under a pullover dress and leave right after the swim and shower and get ready at home. No lines, no fuss. Grocery shopping is faster because I have a plan and make a list and I even find myself enjoying it now.

Fact: Leaving things to chance, especially food, spells disaster

I know this. If I don’t have a plan, I will make bad decisions.

So, how do I balance the need for structure with the need to not jump off a bridge just to escape the monotony?


Life isn’t an all or nothing proposition. It doesn’t have to be structured OR exciting, it can be both. My plan is to incorporate variety in the areas that will serve me and keep routine in the areas that I need them.

The Plan

  1. I don’t need to swim four or five times a week. I can swim two or three times, ride my bike a couple of times and do a Zumba class (I start tomorrow!!)
  2. I will also look for opportunities to work out and give back at the same time by planting trees, walking dogs, building playgrounds, picking up garbage, etc.
  3. I was offered an opportunity to work reduced hours at work and I have taken it. I start working part time tomorrow.  I can spend more time walking, biking, cooking, blogging, making art, making music and making a difference. Things that contribute to my happiness, which is good for my health. My friend Candace and I are starting a non-profit/social venture called LaunchPads aimed at providing affordable housing to artists in Calgary. Stay tuned for more. Look to see my band playing more gigs (hire us!) and more paintings coming out of the studio (commission one!)
  4. I will continue to learn new recipes and techniques in the kitchen. Cooking is something I’ve never done much of and I love it! I look forward to building my skills and experience there. Keep sending me your recipes! I love trying new things.

So, balancing discipline and spontaneity will be my mantra for the next while in an effort to keep things interesting AND effective.  Wish me luck!

Love and Light,

Weight: 295  (down 6 lbs)
Total Weightloss: 35 lbs
Bust: 53 ( down 1.5″, 3″ total)
Waist: 49″ (down 1.5, down  4 total)
Hips: 56″ (down 3, 4″ total)
Neck: 17.8 (down 1.5, down 1.5 total)

Total inches lost (12.5″)

Mug Shots


4 thoughts on “Achieving Balance – Two Month Check-In

  1. you are awesome! And changing things up like that will help. Your body tends to adjust to what worked initially, for the first few weeks / months, but then it gets all the wiser and accommodates. So time to up the ante! or change as you have mentioned. Challenge different muscles, length in your exercise time, change the status quo! you go girl!


  2. A suggestion…weighing every day can be frustrating and an emotional roller coaster. Especially for those of us who have a lot of weight to lose. You might want to consider weighing once a week, or even once a month.


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