Case of the Disappearing Blogger

The Charge: Dereliction of Blogging Duties The Plea: Guilty
The Charge: Dereliction of Blogging Duties   The Plea: Guilty

Greetings friends and followers! I admit, I’ve been lax on my post-publishing duties of late…but I haven’t disappeared. Well, some of me has.

This is head down, nose-to-the-grindstone, work time. There are things I want to tell you about, and I will. But I made the mistake of taking on a contract when I went down to part time hours…I have fear around money, it seems. So, my time has been in short supply and my carpal tunnel in flare-up mode. So, I have 15 minutes to spare before I run off to a meeting, so I decided to do a quick check in to show you where I am and to thank you, from the bottom of my healthier-every-day heart for your ongoing support. You are beautiful people and I couldn’t be doing this without you ❤

Love and light

Weight: 284  (down 11 lbs)
Total Weight loss: 46 lbs
Bust: 52.25 ( down 0.75″, 3.75″ total)
Waist: 47″ (down 2, down  6 total)
Hips: 54″ (down 2, 6″ total)
Neck: 17.5 (down 0.25, down 1.75 total)

Total inches lost (17.5″)

Mug Shots


11 thoughts on “Case of the Disappearing Blogger

  1. Excellent progress! Can’t wait to try some of your creative recipes when you visit. You know, I love cooking too, so can’t wait to share some good recipes and have fun preparing them. Love Mom


  2. Wow! Camie…you rock! Roy and I are so very, very proud of you and excited for you. You are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing all of your yummy recipes as well. You go girl! 🙂


  3. Catching up on your blog tonight, Camie. And boy, you look FANTASTIC in this picture! Happier, brighter, glowier…not a word but you get the gist.


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